The kitchen is small, but complete with an oven (with an oven shelf x 1, oven grill pan x 1), hob, fridge (with a small freezing compartment), microwave, water geyser, kettle, a large and a small toaster and a small preparation area.

The committee kindly request that anything used in the kitchen is replaced and washed as appropriate and the kitchen bin is emptied into the bin outside.

Have an upcoming event at the Hall? 

Before you go to the trouble of packing the car boot with everything but the kitchen sink (we have one of those!), check any items you made need with the inventory below. We have covered most of the basic requirements for a successful event and we want you to be able to tick a few things off your list. If you have any questions about the use of these items or any specific requirements, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Miscellaneous Kitchen Items

Large teapot 2
Small teapot 1
Green pot jug 1
Small pot jugs 2
Mugs 29
Assorted plates 26
Plastic ice buckets 2
Large plastic jugs 2
Large glass jugs2
Metal baking trays3
Round metal tray 1
Tea towels 8
Dustpan & brush 1
First aid kit 1

Contents of Cutlery Drawer

Knives 7
Forks 10
Spoons 6
Teaspoons 10
Small pairing knives 4
Large knives 5
Scissors 1
Corkscrew 1
Tin opener 2
Box of teaspoons

We also have available, for a small charge (please enquire for details), some crockery and cutlery which is available to hire for events. (These are not kept in the kitchen)

Dinner Plates 60
Side Plates46
Large Bowls54
Small bowls23
Assorted small bowls21
Serving plates2
Serving bowls10
Forks 58
Forks (child/dessert)9
Large serving spoon1
Large whisk1
Metal tongs1
Deep metal tray 1