Fundraising & Donations – The Future of the Village Hall

Welcome to our Village Hall website and thank you for taking the time to check out our fundraising page.

As anyone in the charity world knows, the biggest and most relentless task is raising the funds to keep the amazing work of a charity or charitable organisation on track.

A bit of background…

Here in Upperthong, we have the most beautiful Grade II listed building in the most scenic of areas, but it does come at a cost. Built back in 1837, building regulations and standards were not what they are today, and the upkeep is significant.

The eye-watering bit…

It currently costs approximately £7000 p.a. to run the Hall, largely funded by local community group hires, fundraising events (such as wine tasting and comedy nights) and private party hire. But as this building fulfils such an essential role at the heart of this community, the efforts to raise funds are more than worth it.

The last major investment in the building was in 1993. The Hall became a registered charity, secured a grant and work commenced to bring the building up to modern standards.

For the community to continue to benefit from this venue, however, there are a number of essential maintenance investments that need to be considered. Failure to make these investments will mean the Hall will fall into an unusable condition.

Some of the disrepair is escalating and is causing concern from those hiring the hall space. Complaints received will be detrimental to future hire revenue, which will severely impact the Hall’s funds. We have therefore set up a fundraising committee to focus on ways to increase revenue and secure much-needed donations to enable us address the damage and keep the doors open for business.

A few facts and figures

Right now, our most urgent requirements include the need for a replacement boiler (which has now been installed!), new windows, a new front door and the installation of damp proofing. No small list! Having obtained a range of quotes, we are looking at approximately £28,096 to complete this essential work.

As a committee, we have already raised an incredible £13,600 towards this total amount. Unfortunately, our fundraising plans for this year have been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our options are somewhat limited, but we would like to appeal to the community and those who value the use of the Hall to make any donations they can to help fund the difference.

The future of the Hall

We realise that these are difficult times for everyone. If you are in a position to help with a donation, small or large (every little helps), please visit our crowd funding page, or even better talk to a committee member directly or contact us on [email protected] and give whatever you can…there is a community that will be forever grateful for all the support given. We are now able to claim Gift Aid on any donations, so boosting any donation that you make.

Thank you for taking the time to read our message and for any contributions you feel you are able to give.

Stay safe and best wishes,

Upperthong Village Hall Committee