We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in securing a £3000 grant from the Bright Green Community Trust (BGCT) to help reduce our carbon footprint and work towards being a carbon neutral hall. This incredible amount of money is going to enable us to install LED lighting throughout the hall in addition to contributing towards other energy saving improvements. The BGCT fund is administered by One Community Foundation and helps voluntary groups and not-for-profit enterprises make greener changes in the Holme Valley. It will certainly go a long way to helping us do that at Upperthong Village Hall. Similar to the BGCT fund we have also received £1000 from the Kirklees General Fund which has contributed towards the costs of our new front door! We’re very grateful and excited to make all of these fantastic changes and more, including our new windows which will be complete by the time we’re ready to welcome you all back, which we’re very excited to be able to do!



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